Over the past 15 years, I have answered hundreds of questions regarding our product. 

Here I provide for you the most common questions. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact us.

1. What makes Tummy Tuckers unique?

  • They are made to be seen and look like a long singlet or additional layer, not like daggy Shapewear.

  • They are versatile; you can wear six different ways.

  • 100% Ethical & Professional Production. They are made in Australia using custom made fabric. 

  • Our fabric is cotton-based, so comfy and breathable.

  • They come in 10 different colours. 

  • We have over 32,000 testimonials on just this item so that you can buy with confidence.

  • We offer 30 days, 100% money back if you are not satisfied with your item. Shop with confidence.

  • My customers have used our Tummy Tuckers alternatively for the most amazing things over the years - e.g. A harness to carry a premature baby against Mums chest, Post tummy operation support for c-section, hernia etc. (with Doctors advice), wheat bag holder for heat packs, gardening belt for the gardening tools and a hunting belt to carry their knife and cigarettes. I love sharing everyone's stories.

2. Do they roll up or down?

No, when fitted correctly, they do not move at all. However, if the item is too big, it will roll down.

3. Will I lose a dress size?

You will look slimmer for sure. I have had customers tell me they have lost a dress size, but it's more likely they feel contained and fabulous in their clothes when wearing their Tummy Tucker. 


Tummy Tuckers take your body and give it a huge hug, redistribute everything and make you look and feel better. They are a huge confidence booster as nothing jiggles around. As they are cotton and comfy, they also feel like a well fit piece of clothing rather than a daggy piece of Shapewear.


4. Why is the seam on the outside when I wear it as a Boobtube?

It is our unique seam design that allows you to wear the item in six different ways seamlessly. View our How to wear.


5. Can I exchange?

Yes, we want you to have the perfect fit. Please contact us for exchange details (here) and please see our Sales Information page for more information on exchanges.


6. What size do I get?

Please buy your pants size. If you are in between sizes, please buy the bigger size. We want you to have the correct fit, so please refer to our sizing chart, but if you have any concerns, please contact us (here). 


7. What are the unique six ways I can wear?

1. Full body under clothes. It covers hips and over boobs. Perfect for V-neck tops and low cut dresses.

2. Folded as a double layer at your waist. Perfect for wobbly bits control and looks great as an additional layer.

3. Worn as a bandeau. Comfy when you aren't in a bra mood!

4. Worn as a boob-tube. You can turn over the top 10cms to make a stylish cuff and enclose the seam to wear this way.

5. Wear as a skirt. Turn over the top 10 cms to make a stylish waistband and enclose the seam to wear this way.

6. Scrunch as a belt.